Friday, October 14, 2011

Vampire Face

Hello!! Just wanted to make a quick post tonight.  I've been pretty busy at work with my new position and way too tired to even think about doing anything.  This has hindered my art and cooking, as lately I've been resorting to quick frozen meals or take out :-x blah I need to start cooking dinners again no matter how late or tired, eating this badly has left me feeling very blah and gross.

Anyways, I love halloween!! I love seeing the art and decorations everyone has been doing.  I've got up some orange lights around my living room and a few halloween decorations up.  I'm almost done with a ghostly wreath and I've seen a couple cute halloween banners I may try to make too :-D In the spirit of halloween, I mustered up enough energy to do a vampire face in watercolor pencils.

I had not planned on her hair being all those colors but alas that is just how it ended up being.  I hope to post again by the end of the weekend with the finished wreath and hopefully a few other things to share :) Have a good weekend everyone!

<3 Kristin