Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Journal page

Just wanted to share real quick a page I have done for my art journal. I hate the other pages I've done so far but this one I really like. This journal hasn't yet turned into the amazing ones I always see but hopefully once I muddle and get through this one, I'll know a little better for the next go around!
<3 Kristin

Small update

So I have been avoiding doing a post because I don't have any photos uploaded yet of what I have been doing.  I will try to get some of that up this week, but mainly I have been busy.  Working 40 hours a week and I am now going back to school! I have decided to go ahead and get my art degree.  I am currently taking a class which I think is great for all artists to take.  It looks into the fears of choosing art as your career choice.  It looks at the legal aspects, what doors it can open (or close) for you, what it really takes.  I think it really touches home for me, I have a lot of these fears we have discussed.  I feel like I'm not a real artist, I don't have a unique style yet, I don't know if I can make a living from it, etc.. It is a great class I am excited to be a part of it. 

I hope everyone who is a part of Life Book is enjoying it! I see a lot of posts concerning it and it looks amazing.  I wish I could have been a part but my decision to go back to school has strained me considerable finance wise.  40 hours a week barely covers the tuition/books/bills, my money is 100% exhausted. but it will hopefully be worth it in the end *fingers crossed*

Another exciting thing! One of my other classes requires that we do an art journal, so now I am really pushed to do one.  I have been wanting to do one, but I had no idea how to go about it.  So here it goes :) I will post that as I progress in it, should be interesting. 

Well that is it for now, I hope to show some pictures soon!

<3 Kristin