Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hello all!! I am sad I haven't been doing much the past few weeks, I've missed brown and red for summer of color :( I've been so busy between work, birthdays, feeling sick and by the time I get home, I am too tired to concentrate on anything.  I have been browsing some of your works though and they are all so amazing and I'm sorry I couldn't share too.  I don't have a new piece for purple but I do have a painting I did about 8 months ago that has purple :-D
I can't wait to see everyone's purple piece. Growing up, I always HATED the color purple. Unless it was my hair (I wanted purple streaks so badly!) then I didn't like it.  I refused to wear anything purple, use purple, etc..  But in the past few years I have grown to love it a lot and appreciate it more.  Now I love purple eyeliner and clothes (the university I go to on and off whenever I can afford it, its colors are purple and yellow so I had to learn to like purple :-D )
On to this piece, it is something I painted on a huge canvas (it was almost as big as me!) using only acrylics,  for someone's daughter.  It is the pixie hollow tree and tinkerbell with some of her friends (copyright disney, I'm supposed to say that right?).  I used glitter in the tree and in their wings.  It took me about 35 hours total to draw and paint this but I love it! I hope you do too :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello Yellow!

Here is a watercolor piece I did for yellow week over at Summer of Color! It was my first time playing with masking fluid (which at first did not work because I didn't shake the bottle!) I have a pretty busy week but I hope to do another yellow piece with metallic in it somehow, but I wanted to go ahead and post this one! I found with other pieces I've been working on, I was in the mindset that the ENTIRE thing had to be that color but I have seen so many great things with it just being the focal point. So I tried to do that here with the flowers :)

I love what everyone else has been doing! I can't wait to look at some more and I hope to have something else posted by the end of the week! Thank you Kristin for doing this, I am finding myself trying to think outside the box more and more and look at everything in the light of "how can I use that in art". I am trying to always think like that to open my mind to more possibilites! :)

<3 Kristin

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Think Pink

I've been so busy at work and tired afterwords I haven't really had the time to work on a pink piece but I do have one thing.  On my one day off I went swimming at a friend's and she had such pretty flowers blooming there and I took some pictures. Here are a couple of pink flowers she had, I played with them a little too in my Iphoto.

Friday, July 1, 2011

About me

I realize I don't have a default picture of myself for you to see and once I have one I don't hate I will post one :) I do think pictures help to get a feel of a person though so here is one to show you all who I am! It looks like I'm shirtless but I'm not, I have a strapless shirt and am laying on the floor because currently I am extremely sunburnt and don't want anything touching my shoulders :-P I need to start using sunscreen!
So here is me:
 not pretty or made up but you can get a better feel for me now :) I am half korean but my two younger sisters somehow got all the asian gene and no one ever can guess my nationality.  I am only 5 foot tall and my ten year old sister is already wearing bigger shoes than me :-P
I love anime and manga and am a huge fan of fantasy.