Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just a thought.

I just want to say that you are all amazing! I was surprised when these amazing artists are taking the time to welcome me and to tell me they are excited to share the experience of the summer of color together!  I really wish I would have started this long ago,  just by looking at your artwork I have been amazed, inspired, and I have seen so many new techniques and ideas that I want to try out.  Thank you all and I can't wait to see what we all come up with. 

So while looking through many of your pages I notice art journals a lot.  That is something completely new to me and something that has intrigued me.  I would like to hear your inputs about them (to put along with research I will do).  What do you put in it? Do you make the whole thing from scratch or get a pre-maid journal? What are some ideas and techniques to get a newbie like me started?  Any other thoughts or ideas on it, I would love to hear. 

Another question on a more personal level, is art just a passion for you on the side or is it your career? I am in a rut and currently taking time off from school.  I wanted to get an art degree but is it worth it? Do you guys have art degrees or did you become this wonderful on your own? School is expensive (the main reason I am taking time off.  Trying to get the money to go) and I want to make sure that the time and money I put into it is worth it.  Do you all suggest majoring in something different and doing art on my own time? I thought about double majoring too.  My family isn't as art oriented as I am and I take their opinions very seriously, but maybe it will help me hearing from people who have art as a passion. Any thoughts you all have on this would be awesome.

Again thank you all for being so wonderful to me and making me feel so welcomed. I can't wait to see all the things you will come up with!



  1. Hi Kristin,
    Thank you for coming over and leaving me such a lovely message.
    I love doing Art Journals but only recently (last 18 months) have been doing them. I found some utube videos about them and just plunged in. Go to utube you can find tutorials on ANYTHING there. Search art journal tutorials. Art journals are for anything at all. Can be bought or made and can contain anything. Can be themed or not - just like keeping a diary.
    I am completely self taught. No art lessons whatsoever apart from school haha! I just learn by watching others online then try to develop my own style. Started making cards about 8 years ago and here I am.....
    I now sell my art to family and friends and would love to make a living from it but that's along way off I think.
    It's my hobby, although I seem to spend more and more time doing it.
    Hope that helps.
    Lesley x

  2. Kristin YOU are amazing! I do look forward to what you create. The muse has full say in what I do, so who knows what that will be! But as it turns out, my project has turned itself into a kind of journal. I thought that perhaps I'd do a little book, but the muse has me beginning a series of small mixed media pieces that are using used and ironed out flat tea bag paper (oh that muse is a surprising sort). So that at the end I might have ten separate pages and I might make a little art journal. We will have to see. I enjoyed your posts very much, *smiles* Norma
    p.s. I have no training, I just COPY from illustrations that I like. Eventually I am beginning to 'see' and am starting to pay attention to what comes from me and not from others' work.

  3. Hello! I love making art too! Now, hmmm, the art school thing can be tricky, cuz you won't prolly won't thrive in school if you're not into it, so if you majored in art you'd do great, but then, majoring in art is kinda like majoring in philosophy, you have a degree, but you might not get a job in that field, but then that goes for any major. As an undergrad I was an traditional animation major, that did not get me a job, then I went to grad school to be a teacher, still did not get me a job, so I say do what makes you happy. I hope that helps, sorry my comment is so long!

  4. Hi sweet Kristin! I too loved your post - and am so happy that you have come to blogging at this time in your life - I know that the inspiration and community that I have found here has completely changed my arty life for the better. There is so much opportunity for growth when you have a blog that you want to contribute art to on a consistent basis.
    Regarding journals, I think that there are 2 reasons why you see it so much: one, journals are an amazing way to learn from doing. They are a place to experiment and dream. Traditionally, it is an artistic place to record your daily life and thoughts - like an arty diary. Second, once you create art regularly, you find that you will have a lot of completed work - and putting a good portion of it in a journal keeps it neat and contained in one space. I know you will love it - and how you get there is just up to you - some make journals and some are store bought. My favorites are Moleskine watercolor journals as they take all kinds of wet mediums well.
    Regarding school, I did not major in art, although my degree is in theater. But I spent the majority of my career in cosmetics which is a direct link from what I learned there. I agree with Missy, you really have to do what you love. I would hope that my daughter (only 5 now ;) studies something that she loves but that she does go on for a degree simply because of the life lessons you learn by just going. You will find your way - just follow your heart, xoxo

  5. Thank you all so much for your opinions :) I took them all very seriously and to heart. You all are helping me see that I don't have to spend thousands of dollars on art school to be amazing (like all of you are!). I think I will try to major in something that will give me a stable career but try to build myself as an artist on my own time and hopefully I can just become a stay at home artist :-D

    I may have to order some journals to start, I tried looking in our local artstore (michaels, its the only art store around for an hour) but unfortunately it is also a mini-michaels so it doesn't carry everything that michaels normally does. Therefore they didn't carry any type of art journals. I may have to make a trip to charlottesville, they have a michaels and a jo-ann fabrics store (i've never been in a jo-anns).

    Here is another question for all of you! As I am pretty new in the mixed media area, what are a few "must haves" you would recommend? I know a lot of it is experimenting and using things around the house but I am sure there are a few staples you feel you couldn't live without!
    That goes for any type of art you do too, what are the "must-haves" in supplies for you all?


  6. Hi Kristin,
    I just read what you said above and I would't take a decision just yet.
    I did my degree in arts. I have always loved arts. Since I was a little girl I will be creating stuff to play with, drawing, painting, crafting, you name it, so when it came the time to take a decision on what to study I just followed my heart and did what I enjoyed doing the most.
    In art school you learn many different techniques and crafts.
    I did my degree in Interior Design and also I studied enamelling and some metalsmithing, since in my school you had to choose also a craft.
    I have always worked in jobs that were art related. I have worked as a window dresser, merchandising, illustrator, and finally as an interior designer in one of the top designing companies in London (UK). Now that I have two little ones I decided to stay home and I am designing and creating jewelry.
    When you start a journey in life you never know where it will take you, so my recommendation for you is to follow your heart, do what you enjoy the most, no matter how long or how much money it costs. My journey has't been easy, but nowadays it isn't easy to find a job anywhere, but if you do your best in everything you do, people will take notice and you will get far.
    Sorry for the long comment, but I thought that I should give you a different approach to the same situation.
    I hope you decide wisely and that whatever you decide on doing you are happy.
    A big hug to you and it is great meeting you.

  7. Welcome to blogging Kristin :)) You will meet amazing people through blogging as I did! and it has changed me as an artist and as a person! Art journaling is a great opportunity to create spontainesly without worrying abt mistakes and to let yourself just be you! I use my journal for planning out future projects. it's addictive, I have to say. I work in a couple of them at a time. I always carry a small one with me and work in it when I am out for coffee :)