Thursday, July 4, 2013

Week Four SOC!!

This weeks colors are Charcoal Grey & Pale Pink! 

 I loved playing with these colors! I had so many ideas I wanted to do with it but I still have more cupcakes to paint for my friend's kitchen so I tried to keep the feel of it the same as my other two cupcakes. I can't wait to play with the color combination more though, I feel like there are a lot of possibilities.  I used my phone's camera to take the pictures so its not the best quality photo but you get the idea :)

I painted a paper first to use on the canvas:

And then the cupcake! I wish I would have done one or the either differently so they would contrast more but oh well, live and learn :)

Also I've been working on a mudroom sketch! I don't have a mudroom but I was inspired by Junelle and Pinterest (I am a Pinterest addict, I admit it) so with that I created a possible future mudroom!

I'm off to bed now, it's four am and I can barely stay awake right now lol.  To everyone in the United States with me, Happy 4th of July!! I actually get to see fireworks this year instead of working through them, woohoo! Hope you all have a nice and relaxing day! To the rest of the world, I hope your day is also going amazingly and that someone pampers you today!
<3 Kristin


  1. I love your week 4 colour page but am even more impressed with your sketch... fabulous... xx

  2. Hello Kristin,
    So happy to see your awesome and yummy cupcake this week. I love how these are turning out. These are great colors to play with this week, one of my favorites again.

    I have a similar painting like your first one too on my blog, wait till you see it. Great minds think alike, lol.

    WOW, that sketch is AMAZING, LOVE IT!! You are quite talented. I loved this in the class too. My favorite is the extra Weds. wildflower video she gave us last Weds., I did those right away. I have them in my SOC for week 3 if you scroll down my blog to see them. Did you see the campers yet, OMG sooooo dang cute they are. Started on those too, she if full of good ideas.

    Was nice to visit you again. YIPPEE for not working on the 4th, hope you enjoyed the firework show. Have a great weekend and can't wait to see the SOC you make next week.

  3. Beautiful color use and imagery and your sketch is full of charm- lovely art!

  4. Absolutely beautiful way to used this week's SOC colors! I love all of your works of art!

  5. Gorgeous cupcake, and I love your sketch, gorgeous lines and dimension. Great work. :)