Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Still in limbo

Hi everyone! I unfortunately don't have much time I have to be at work in 10 minutes, I hope to do a better post with a little art later this week! I have still been ultra busy and exhausted. I'm disappointed I haven't done any art! Everytime I get home I dream about what I want to do but I'm too tired to pull out the stuff and do something.  That will change though with a small project. I am making invitations for my friend's bridal shower so I hope to have something to show you this week :)
A few notes:
I loved seeing everyone's work in Summer of Color. It was fantastic.  I wish I could have participated more but I do plan to fully partake next summer :-D Thank you so much Kristen for the hard work and time you put into it and for giving me an opportunity to be exposed to so many new ideas and amazing artists.
I went to the Ballston Art Fair this month and it was awesome! There were so many cool things. I will share what I got and some of my faves from it on my next post.
I have also been canoeing.  It was so much fun but I didn't use enough sunscreen so my back is screaming at me :-x ooops
ALSO for anyone living around Virginia, did you guys feel the earthquake less than an hour ago!?! At first I thought a bunch of people were running on the stairs at my apartment then stuff started falling off my shelf in the laundry room.  I looked out the window and saw a bunch of people standing out there and realized it was an earthquake. 5.8 magnitude. I was scared and wanted to run outside too buuut I just got out of the shower and wasn't going out there naked! lol that would scare everyone even more!

Well I hope everyone is enjoying the last part of summer! I have been keeping up and looking at your blogs and I love seeing your stuff.  I hope to start posting more and more often. Stay cool out there, I know here we are in a drought. See you all later this week!!!

Kristin <3

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