Sunday, September 11, 2011

Art is a beautiful thing :)

Hiiii! So I finally have a few things to share, its not much but its something:)  To start off with, last month I had gone to the Ballston Art Fair and I had a few artists that I wanted to share.  Their stuff was awesome.
First was Tsai-fi. Her illustrations are adorable, I love her artwork!
Meg Murray of Red and Main Studio does the funnest clay / ceramic sculptures.  I love the emotion ones, especially confused.
Melissa Lew made jewelry with an asian flair to it. I loved it, being half asian myself I am biased, but I think you would like it too :) I bought her necklace and it had a symbol on it meaning beauty.  I bought it hoping that wearing it would make me feel like a beautiful person and that one day I would be too.
This last one was my favorite.  I wanted her necklaces soooo badly, especially the geektorian pieces.  She makes jewelry out of recycled motherboards and they are the coolest looking jewelry.  Its really amazing you should check out her shop.  It doesn't contain nearly as much of her pieces as she had at the show.

Alright next order of business. There is a blog I follow, Emily Jones, and she had a cool monogram tutorial on her site.  So I bought some frames and some fabric and I made two, one with my initials and one with my boyfriends, and underneath has our birthdays.  I accidently made them upside down though! so we weren't able to hang them up for a while but we got new pieces to nail to the back so it would hang they right way and now it is above our desk.  I love it!

I have also started Tamara Laporte's Fabulous Faces at Willowing.  She is a fantastic artist and person and I am so excited to work on this. I just followed along with week one and here is the result:

I definitely still have a long way to go but its a start :) I'm going to practice more with drawing and shading before I move on to the next lesson. But I might get impatient and move ahead anyways :-P
Another class I want to take when I can afford it is the ones over at Doll Dreams.  Ady is an AMAZING artist as well and I love her work so much.  I hope that my boyfriend will get me her classes for christmas :) (Fingers crossed).  But I may not want to wait that long.  I am in training for a new position so hopefully that will be a raise and I can get the class :) YAY

one more little thing is a birthday card I made for my friend. I am going to start off with, those of you who make amazing cards, you are awesome.  Card making / designing is a lot tougher than it looks, even for a simple card. I'm like, that looks easy, but it really isn't. Props to you. I have a long long long way to go before I'm ever that good.

this was the best I could do. But I still think its cute in its "what a newbie card maker" way :)

Well that is all I have for today but I hope to post again more frequently.  We will see how much of a toll this new position takes on me, its longer shifts and more stress. But I am closer to being debt free (not including my unmentionable student loans) so its worth it, for now.

<3 Kristin


  1. Hi, Kristin! I came to visit your blog! I'm looking forward to checking out the other artists you posted about. Thanks for sharing. Come visit my blog if you get time!

  2. Hi Kristin!!! SO good to see you're keeping creative! And let me start by saying that you are absolutely beautiful. Already. ;) AND your first piece with Willowing is Stunning! I mean, really stunning! I love the eyes and lips! I have that course on self study but have not watched or started it at all - thanks to you, I'm gonna get it out! Have a great week, xoxo

  3. Thanks for the shout out Kristin! Michelle of MOTHERBORED!!