Friday, September 23, 2011

Some more Fabulous Faces!!

I have been out of town this week, I had taken a few days off to visit my mom and sisters.  I really wish I could see them more often, I miss them so much every time I leave.  :( A few times a year just isn't enough for me. My youngest sister who is turning 11 next month is growing up so fast!! She is already taller than me (and I'm 22) AND her feet are bigger than mine, she is wearing size 7s!! I wear 5 1/2.  She is a little brat but I love her so much and wouldn't change her for the world.  I wish they would all just move near me :-D I would be in heaven then and I could eat my momma's cooking all the time :) She is full Korean and makes the most yummiest dishes.  I try to make them but they are NEVER as good. Even if I cook it the exact same.  Nothing ever beats a mom's cooking.
 Me and my 11 year old sister. Can you imagine when she is done growing!?!
My mom, my sister making a weird face, me, then my other sister who is also tall.  She is wearing boots so she looks even taller right now. She's really my mom's height.

So while I've been gone I didn't have the things to move onto week two of willowing's Fabulous faces yet so I just worked on some more sketches, and did a little color pencil on one.
Her eyes are looking opposite directions but this shows even if your eyes are like that, you are beautiful too!!
I intentionally did not shade in her hair, I felt it would help bring more focus to her face.

I hope you like the sketches so far!! I will hopefully have some paintings this week!! I have lots to do including planning a bridal shower :-D Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

<3 Kristin


  1. What a sweet picture! I know it's hard living away from family. I'm glad you get to see them and eat your mom's great food (Mom's cooking is ALWAYS best....but after you are a mom, the kids say the same thing about YOUR food! LOL)

  2. What beautiful girls! I'm glad you got time to spend with your family and that you got some good home cookin'! Thanks too for your sweet message, xoxo