Friday, September 16, 2011

A wall is the greatest canvas

Hello!! So I have been extremely busy between work and my dad's birthday then my best friend's birthday so I haven't had as much time this week to work on willowing's fabulous faces as I had hoped.  I do have a couple more practice sketches but I am not happy with them.  I am going to practice a few more monday maybe then hopefully move on to the second week.

I have also been helping my friend repaint her living room. The original color was a peach/yellow kind of color that was there when she moved in and she was ready to change it. We painted it to a nice gray color.  I then used chalk and sketched birch trees on the wall and then we both painted it in a lighter gray.  I saw another person do this once and I fell in love with the idea so I had showed her and she not only fell in love but decided to do it! (I live in an apartment, I'm not allowed to paint my walls :( )
The flash glared off the wall so its not the best quality picture but you get the idea :)

original color
in the process..
chalk sketch
us painting them in. Shes on the left and I'm on the right.
the finished product :) I am very happy with it and I hope to get a better picture of it when it's daylight.

And just for fun, while the paint dried, my hand went on an adventure :)

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! :)

<3 Kristin

P.S. There is a giveaway at Child of Danu!! The prize is an awesome stars and moons landscape art print and it is really fantastic art :)


  1. Oh wow!! I LOVE that wall!! I've seen that somewhere else too... just can't remember where. You two did an AMAZING job!! Now I want to do my walls!!
    Thanks for your recent comment... you're so sweet!


  2. That IS really cool!! I LOVE the soft grey and your trees are just stunning! Wonderful job and beautiful sketches - I haven't dipped into Willowing yet but I am so excited to pull out my FFaces cd! Thank you for your sweet note and this inspiration, xoxo

  3. The sketches look great! My favorite thing about drawing faces is that you learn something every time you draw. Once you get your style down, you'll have such fun with expressions each time! Keep up the lovely work!

  4. It's tricky getting to grips with the faces. I so enjoyed that course too. You definitely have your own style developing. Fab faces indeed :)